We are a network who have
adopted Rhapsody of Realities.

These Ministers have also taken a stand to transform the lives of their congregations and help strengthen the work of other Ministers

Currently, millions of Ministers of the Gospel from all the nations of the world are part of the REON network which gives them a unique opportunity to interact with other Ministers of the Gospel all around the world, re-strategize and reposition their Ministries for effective growth and expansion.

Rhapsody of Realities daily devotional popularly referred to as ‘The Messenger Angel’ is more than a book! It is a tested and proven strategy for church growth. It is a perfect tool for evangelism. The devotional contains inspiring daily articles that are guaranteed to transform the life of the reader.

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The Rhapsody Ambassador is a passionate giver and promoter of the Gospel through Rhapsody of Realities. As a Rhapsody Ambassador, you commit yourself to a consistent monthly sponsorship of Rhapsody of Realities and also encourage others to join. When you sign up, you are given a special link to see your cumulative effort.

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Rhapsody of Realities Prayer Partners Network is a group of men and women commited to praying for the spread of God's Word around the world through the free distribution of Rhapsody of Realities. Many people who connect daily to pray on this Network experience endless and lasting testimonies!

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